In EMO we have an open heart for the people of the Orient. Besides our work in Egypt we keep contact with partners in Sudan and Tunisia and pray for people in the entire region.

Sudan - between the Arab World and Black Africa


The Sudan is considered to be a transitional country between the Arab World and Black Africa. The two countries, the Republic of Sudan and Southern Sudan, are strongly linked with one another. Southern Sudan separated from the North after a referendum and became independent on 9 July 2011. The challenge for both countries was tremendous. The North had to do without the income from oil production because most of the oil fields are in Southern Sudan. The Southern Sudan is one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world. On Christmas 2013 a political power struggle exploded within the ruling party. From this developed a brutal ethnic conflict, in which thousands have lost their lives. In similar fashion a civil war has been raging in Northern Sudan for years, mainly in Darfur, Southern Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) and the Blue Nile region.

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Kallaline School Tunis

Kallaline School was founded as a Christian school in 1861. For many decades, children from the Jewish community were taught there. At the end of the 1960, almost all Jews left the country and the school was transferred to a Christian Swiss organization and continued as a French-speaking school for Tunisian children. A few years ago, the school became independent and responsibility for the school and its finances was taken over by a Tunesian association.

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Christians in the Near East

The news from the Near East is depressing - Christians and other minorities are being discriminated against, displaced or killed. But in the middle of all this bad news our God is working. Just watch the film "Blessed be Egypt, My People".



Out of horrible crime of the Islamic fighters came the video known as "Letter of the People of the Cross", which was sent to IS and receives many clicks on the Internet. This short and impressive message to the IS fighters is a message of reconciliation and an invitation to turn to Jesus.