Please read texts to various topics like "Mission and task", "Society and Integration", "Islam and Christian faith", "culture", or "Nubia".

Mission and task

Serving one another in partnership (EMO AKTUELL 4/2016)

Telling of biblical stories (EMO AKTUELL 3/2016)

New media in the work of mission (EMO AKTUELL 1/2014)

Changes in mission (EMO AKTUELL 1/2014)

100 years of the German hospital in Aswan (Papyrus 2013)

God speaks our language (EMO AKTUELL 3/2013)

Who needs whom? The relationship between mission and the church (EMO AKTUELL 1/2012)

Transformation: What do we mean? (EMO AKTUELL 1/2011)

Who is object of our worship? (EMO AKTUELL 5/2010)

Worship - God's worldwide invitation (EMO AKTUELL 5/2010)

Mission and Conversion (EMO Aktuell 3/2018)

Movements of spiritual growth in the Arabic world (EMO Aktuell 4/2019)

Islam and the Christian faith

Movements of renewing in Christianity and Islam (EMO AKTUELL 1/2017)

Jesus in the Quran (EMO AKTUELL 5/2015)

Love in bible and Quran (EMO AKTUELL 5/2014)

Bible and Quran (EMO AKTUELL 2/2013)

Confusion about the Cross (EMO AKTUELL 2/2010)

Sufism (EMO AKTUELL 4/2009)

Current developments in Islam (EMO AKTUELL 1/2009)

Scharia - the way to peace? (EMO AKTUELL 5/2008)

Doubt in Islam and Christianity (EMO AKTUELL 1/2008)

Islamic Umma and the Christian Church (EMO AKTUELL 2/2007)

How to live as a Christian minority (EMO AKTUELL 3/2006)

The sources of Islam (EMO AKTUELL 1/2003)


"The other is lovable if it is loved by someone" (EMO AKTUELL 4/2017)

Different but still lovable (EMO AKTUELL 4/2017)

Contrasts and question marks - sidelights from Syria (EMO AKTUELL 2/2017)

Tunesia between tradition and modern times (EMO AKTUELL 2/2017)

A story of yesterday, today and tomorrow? (EMO AKTUELL 3/2016)

Beauty moves people (EMO AKTUELL 3/2014)

Pop-Islam (EMO AKTUELL 4/2013)

Germany in the dilemma of values (EMO AKTUELL 4/2013)

From Middle East to Africa and back (EMO AKTUELL 4/2010)

Shame and blame (EMO AKTUELL 3/2009)

Friendship and relations in the Orient (EMO AKTUELL 3/2008)

Men in the Orient (EMO AKTUELL 4/2004)

Women in the Orient (EMO AKTUELL 3/2003)

Society and integration

How can a German church start an Arabic service? (EMO AKTUELL 5/2016)

Evangelical-Arabic churches in Germany (EMO AKTUELL 5/2016)

Re-Integration - successful return into the native country (Papyrus 2016)

Dealing with strangers (EMO AKTUELL 1/2016)

Who is (no) a stranger? (EMO AKTUELL 1/2016)

Christians and Muslims in Germany (EMO AKTUELL 3/2015)

No place for oriental Christians (EMO AKTUELL 1/2015)

Culture-onion - rules to arrive in a different culture (Papyrus 2014)

Family life in Islam (EMO AKTUELL5/2012)

Raising children in Islam (EMO AKTUELL 5/2011)

Integration - dissolve in the new? (EMO AKTUELL 2/2011)


Christianity in Nubia (Papyrus 2013)

Nilenubians in Egypt and Sudan (Papyrus 2013)

History and translation of the gospel of Mark from K. R. Lepsius (Papyrus 2011)