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EMO Aktuell 3 2021


Our magazine EMO AKTUELL comes out five times a year and can be ordered free. Our purpose is to bring current reports about our work in the Orient, the developments in the Arab world, the topics about the relationship between Islam and Christian faith as well as questions about mission and the living together in a multicultural and multireligious society in Germany. Feel free to order former issues. A list of them you will find here.   

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Christ4all - move on

Let's make disciples together

In Germany people from different cultures came to Christ lately, through events like Christ4Arabs or Christ4Afghans. We invite you to regional conferences, where we want to create a vision of disciple making in the hearts of new and longstanding believers. International Christians train this together with their German friends.  

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"Heaven, Earth, World. Worship that sets in Motion"
 CD from Guido Baltes, Gerth Medien 2012

"What happens if an active mission society, a young church from Marburg, a handful of creative songwriters and an experienced community of musicians start to find new words and tones for worship, focusing the world? There came out eleven songs, bringing worship and praise, World Mission and responsiblity together. It is a common project of songwriting of Evangelical Middle East Ministries, the Christus-Treff Marburg, musically arranged by Guido Baltes, the worship leader from Marburg, producer Manuel Steinhoff and musicians from the Heidelberg creative cell "Tonbiotop".

You may buy this CD for 12 € plus dispatch. For most of the songs are notes available at Gerth Medien.

What to do with migrants from the Near East?


Germany is divided: How should we deal with refugees from the Near East - admit them or refuse them entry? Simone A. Alexander has written an informative book entitled "What to do wth migrants from the Near East? Understanding their culture. Building bridges. Distancing oneself in a healthy way." (ISBN 978-3-7372-6442-8 (Paperback), ISBN 978-3-7273-6443-5 (Hardcover), Tredition Verlag 2015). It could not be more topical. She shows how Germans can approach the historic challenge if immigration by Arab refugees without being either naive or driven by fear.

For nine years the author lived and worked in a Middle Eastern country. In the extensive first part she describes the key cultural issues: the Arab extended family and its dynamics; why honour is so important; what defines the mentality of men and women in countries like Syria or Egypt; how Islam frames the society there.

She explains how these topics are important for Germans who want to build up relationship with Arab immigrants. Anybody who is interested in refugees, professionally or privately, will be grateful for the practical advice in the work among immigrants, which the author has developed from her description of the immigrants' world.

In the shorter part the author explains the refugees' state of health and mind when they arrive in Germany and what perspective they have. She takes a critical look at the current asylum legislation in Germany, describes the asylum issue in European history and Jordan today and offers alternatives to the present-day practice.

The practical tips and Arabic vocabulatory at the end of the book are most valuable in encounters with Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis or other Arabic-speaking refugees in Germany.

 Touched by love

She is one of the few women in the New Testament, who is, being addressed, not defined by her husband. She is not the wife of anyone, but only Maria from Magdala. She seems to be a personality who can assert among the men. But she has a handicap, which means for her to be out of society and religion: she was possessed. At least sometimes she seems not herself, but to live under the destructive influence of evil. No money of influence helps her, when others do not contact her or care that not even her shadow may touch them?

Then she meets Jesus...

The film "Maria from Magdala - touched by love" describes in a sensitive way what Maria of Magdala experienced with Jesus. This film takes the spectator into the world of the New Testament. Be thrilled by Maria's exciting story.

Remarks: The film contains parts of the Jesus Film of Campus for Christ and newly made parts. It forms a united project. It is, similar to the Jesus-Film, good to use for evangelistic purposes, especially to people from oriental background. In can be ordered at : Evangelical Service for Foreigners (Evangelischer Ausländerdienst), length 77 minutes, Price 2,95 €, Languages (all on one DVD): Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), German, English, French, Persion (Farsi), Russian, Turkish.

EMO-T-Shirt and Polo-Shirt

We offer black and grey T-Shirts and Polo-Shirts in the sizes S to XXL, 100 % cotton, printed with two different motives, one on the left in the front (Arabic calligraphy "come to me...") and the second on the back (a church and a mosque).

Polo-Shirt 25 € plus dispatch

T-Shirt 20 € plus dispach