Evangeliumsgemeinschaft Mittlerer Osten e.V.


Hope Christian bookshop

In December 1999, a Christian bookshop with the promising name "Bookshop of Hope" was opened on the street along the Nile. It is part of the EMO compound, to which a hospital, a daycare center for handicapped children, a guesthouse and a church belong. Since then, the bookshop has been a meeting point and encouragement for Christians of all denominations, as well as a place to go for people of the majority religion if they have any question or are just looking for help in difficult situations of life. The natural emphasis on Christian literature, cassettes and videos was enlarged with CDs and DVDs as well as new areas such as games helping children to learn, T-shirts with Christian designs, decorative items, gifts or finery.

We want to have a place where people can study God's word intensively and where they can deal with life issues from the Christian perspective. As a result of the difficult economic situation in the country, fewer people are able to buy books. So we hope to open up a wider range of books to the local people and encourage them to read again in a comfortable atmosphere.