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Touched by love

She is one of the few women in the New Testament, who is, being addressed, not defined by her husband. She is not the wife of anyone, but only Maria from Magdala. She seems to be a personality who can assert among the men. But she has a handicap, which means for her to be out of society and religion: she was possessed. At least sometimes she seems not herself, but to live under the destructive influence of evil. No money of influence helps her, when others do not contact her or care that not even her shadow may touch them?

Then she meets Jesus...

The film "Maria from Magdala - touched by love" describes in a sensitive way what Maria of Magdala experienced with Jesus. This film takes the spectator into the world of the New Testament. Be thrilled by Maria's exciting story.

Remarks: The film contains parts of the Jesus Film of Campus for Christ and newly made parts. It forms a united project. It is, similar to the Jesus-Film, good to use for evangelistic purposes, especially to people from oriental background. In can be ordered at : Evangelical Service for Foreigners (Evangelischer Ausländerdienst), length 77 minutes, Price 2,95 €, Languages (all on one DVD): Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), German, English, French, Persion (Farsi), Russian, Turkish.